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Unsquashable James Willstrop Autograph

Unsquashable James Willstrop Autograph

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  • Frame weight: 120 g
  • Material: Graphite / Medium, PrecisionFlex, CarbonWeave
  • Technology: PowerProfile
  • Length: 68.5cm
  • Balance: handle-heavy/head-light
  • Head size: 500 cm2
  • Grip: Stellar Performance PU Grip
  • Stringing: 14x18
  • Colour: black/orange


  • For beginners to advanced
  • Lots of power and good touch
  • Played by James Willstrop (ENG)

Original description:

The UNSQUASHABLE JAMES WILLSTROP AUTOGRAPH racket is exclusive to and is engineered to the personal specification of James Willstrop to provide the ultimate in controlled power.

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